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Tips to Keep your Belongings Safe and Secure in Self Storage Melbourne

If you’re planning to keep collectibles, heirlooms and other important valuables for safe keeping at self storage Melbourne, then it is important that you ensure that your items are kept safe and well protected. You should look for a company that will make sure that your items will not get stolen or get damaged. Here are tips to help you find a self storage company.


Choose a Facility with Reliable Security


The first thing to do is to do research about the self storage facility. Also, make sure that you pay the facility a visit and inspect the area in person. It should have proper lighting and reliable surveillance cameras and that the company must install safety features to ensure that only authorized persons can enter.


Choose a Climate Controlled Unit


Climate controlled storage facilities are very important if you have plans to store things that are sensitive to cold, humidity and heat. This kind of storage unit makes use of air conditioning and heating facilities in order to keep the temperature within a safe range that is usually 50 to 80 degrees. This might be more expensive, but is definitely worth it.


Protect Belongings Against Elements


Even if you will rent a climate controlled storage, there might still be some changes on the temperature and humidity, Ensure that you lay out all of your belongings in a pallet in order to allow for proper air circulation.


Do Not Forget The Insurance


Your homeowner’s insurance will not be able to protect your valuables if they are not stored on your property. Therefore, you must ensure that the self storage Melbourne that you will hire provides insurance policy that could cover everything, just in case your stored belongings are stolen or get damaged while stored in the facility.


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